Blogging Easy???


So about 3 weeks ago I had thought about doing my own blog thinking oh this will be a piece of cake. Well it hasn’t been as easy as I thought. I love the writing part along with sharing my thoughts and ideas. How hard could it be right, just jot down some words and push the publish button. Unfortunately it’s taking a little getting used to. I actually have a pretty full day that seems to not calm down until later in the evening. Along with doing a blog, I am a learning coach for my daughter through cyber schooling. We have 2 dogs that need my attention constantly, oh and a cat but she seems to stay out of trouble most of the day. I pick up my middle child up from work everyday, she does co-op through her school. I try and figure out my dinner the day before but doesn’t always work out the way I want it to. Along with doing all that I am writing my first book, and let me tell you that is challenging as well but it’s something I love to do. Plus I am trying to teach my girls something in the process, you will always have people telling you that you can’t do it or it won’t work out but I believe that if you really set your mind to it that it really can be done no matter how hard. Through your trials in life in can either make you or break you, I choose to not let it break me. So although my daily life is rather busy and hectic I do like to take time to just relax and enjoy the little things in life rather than let them pass me by. Sometimes people need to be encouraged in life instead of being brought to their knees. Encourage each other daily so that it is easier to deal with and handle life. I am going to continue to blog and write no matter what others think even though it’s not so easy!

3 thoughts on “Blogging Easy???”

  1. I am in the same situation. I have been writing for years but being a mom of three boys, one with autism, being a wife, coach and graphic designer, a lot of days I find that even though I know what I want to write, I don’t have the energy for it. Don’t let that discourage you. There is no set time line. If you force it, you will know. Let the words flow freely and you will find that those will be your best post. Happy writing!

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    1. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. I am definitely not going to give up my daughter needs a voice!


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