Who Cares?

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I thought this would be a relevant subject for today. I took yesterday off due to my surgery and today happens to be my birthday. Sometimes I sit and say “what has happened to this world “or shall I say “what has happened to us in the world?”  When I was a little girl, things were much easier and not so politically correct. People helped other people without questioning their motive. The price of things was definitely cheaper and easier to obtain. In my lifetime I have seen so much change and I know the generation before me saw so much more. I really feel bad for the next generation with what they will experience. So many of other people’s opinions become criticized. Why can’t we feel and think we want to? Other people want us to be forced to believe what they do, how rational is that? How can anyone tell me what I feel is wrong because I don’t believe in the same thing as you do? You have people fighting over the president, women’s rights, gay rights, political beliefs, religious beliefs etc. At what point do we stop trying to please everyone? They pass laws not made for everyone but we have to follow them. Who really should determine what is right and wrong? I try really hard just to do what’s morally right and keep to myself. What morally right to me may not be that way for everyone though, so how then can someone say “your wrong for feeling that way?” Or you can’t say that or do that!” I will just never understand the way people think and act. I treat others with respect because that is something you should already know. Your opinions are YOUR opinions, not everyone will agree. Your FEELINGS on things are just that! Today we use social media as an outlet such as I am doing now. Sometimes I hate it, why? It’s just not personable anymore. If I want to talk to someone well I guess I should text them? Or maybe send a message on Facebook? We have lost touch with how we communicate with people anymore. Even on Facebook, we seem to be limited to what we can say and see. Just very sad to me that we have lost our faith in this world. I still have hope that one day we will all get along, and that we respect other people’s views and opinions with casting a stone at them. In the same token, we should respect that we may not agree with everything that is being said or done but that we still treat that person with dignity. We don’t get to be the judge and jury, to me that will come in the end for all of us anyway…….

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