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I hear people say all the time, don’t judge a book by its cover. While that is true, are we to be considered books or are we human?  I don’t think anyone is perfect and at one point in our lives we have all judged! I still struggle with it, not because I think I am better than anyone but because my values and morals are different. Not all of us are going to feel and think the same way. So then why are we so quick to judge someone else’s flaws and mishaps? Honestly I wish I had that answer but I do have an idea. Could it be that we are afraid of our own mistakes and makes us feel better to know someone else has done just as bad or worse? Raising 3 kids wasn’t always easy and now that they are all teenagers I have had to look at myself and say “what happened to being a perfect parent?” I would never have dreamed of doing some of the things that kids do today (not talking about breaking the law). I will tell you I have had to take a few steps back. I really think sometimes someone else’s mistakes can teach us a lesson as well. I don’t like hurting others feelings but I also have strong convictions on certain issues of sin. It doesn’t mean I am a hateful person or that I don’t sin/fail but at what point does something become wrong and people be held accountable? I don’t think that is judgment, I feel we all have a right to feel and think however they choose. As I said earlier I am guilty of judgment on others, I allow my beliefs or my feelings get in the way of seeing the bigger picture. I have definitely come along way from where I used to be but I do believe I have become a lot more aware of my judgment of others at the same time I will continue to keep my convictions……

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