Take Your Time

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So anyone that says writing a book should be quick and easy might want to rethink that concept. Although I just started writing my book, in my mind I thought 3 months is a good time to get it all done. Ha Ha seriously? What was I thinking? I have read a lot of books and have spoken with a few writers, while some make it seem easy to do, I will be the first to say nope it’s not as easy as first thought. As I was writing my first few chapters (pen and paper) I would catch myself saying, “oh man did I put the proper punctuation in the right spot?” Or did I spell that right? I even thought about looking up different words to use in order to make it sound better. I know there are tons of books on how writers should be writing. I personally found that some may have a different way to do it. I remember driving myself crazy for making so many mistakes. My first mistake was trying to write and edit at the same time, yeah made my life 10x worse. I had to scrap all of it because it looked like a scene from the movie Misery! I went out and bought a new Chromebook. I didn’t spend a lot of money because I thought well if this doesn’t work out I didn’t really lose much. I use google docs and I love it. It keeps track of my words along with spelling errors, as far as my punctuation and layout well that will come in the end when I am all finished and ready for editing. I have read up on certain authors who say they wrote many a book before anyone would even look at it. So maybe I have a great first book or I will need to try again but either way, I refuse to give up on my dream and passion. We all need a little encouragement and support. I look forward to reading and writing until I finally have the best seller even if it takes me forever lol.

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