A “Sneak Peak 2” Chapter 1

As they continued to talk and have their dinner Julie noticed a man sitting at the on the other side of the diner and she really couldn’t see who it was but from a distant, it looked like James and he was with someone.  

“Wendy, look I think James is here!”


“ Wait, what?” James from school she blurted out loudly.


“ Shhhh don’t bring attention to our table. I ran into him today at the market!”


“Oh, and how did that go?”


“I think James is still harboring old feelings because I chose to be with Bill instead.”


“And are you regretting that decision?”, Wendy snickered.


“Actually I haven’t forgotten James. He was one of my best friends and lovers but somehow Bill came in and swept me off my feet and I never looked back. If I could go back and change things…well I guess we won’t ever really know that out because I am married and as it appears James is also taken so spending another minute wishing isn’t going to do me any good.”


Sadness came across her face and she decided it was time to call it a night.

3 thoughts on “A “Sneak Peak 2” Chapter 1”

  1. Can’t wait to see if she talks to him. It must hard for both of them , knowing you had feelings for each there n someone comes along and sweeps you off there feet. Poor James. How does he take seeing her again??? Did he see her where they saw him?? Great writing . good Luck with the rest… Can’t wait t see…

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  2. WOW, Will she talk to him?? It must be hard to see someone loved so much with a married life now. Sad. What happens next?? Can’t wait to see. I hope I find it now… LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

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