Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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As someone who has seen what cancer can do, I advocate for all cancer survivors but this one really hits home for me. I have already written about my extremely scary situation with having numerous surgeries in order to help prevent breast cancer. After a breast cancer scare last year I have made it a point to make sure I go to my doctor as scheduled which for me is quite often. When I found my first lump almost 2 years ago I just brushed it off. I googled it almost every day just to see if what I was feeling was just a lump and not really cancer. My family doctor and my husband both encouraged me to go get a mammogram even if it wasn’t cancer at least I would have peace of mind. I was so scared. There were a few of my family members that had breast cancer and knew they had at least one of their breast removed but unfortunately I didn’t realize the real extent of my family history. I finally got the courage to get my mammogram, it wasn’t painful like I thought it would be and it was pretty quick. After getting the results to my test they felt I need further testing. They sent me to have a biopsy, an ultrasound, and an MRI. They also had me do a genetic test to see if I had the BRCA gene along with many other cancer tests being that family history was so high. My chances are much greater than the average population but I will continue to be aware of what’s going on with my body and do everything I can to prevent this from ever happening. Through this past year, I have learned a lot about myself and others. The thought of having cancer of any kind at any point in one’s life is terrifying. I would say we need to be proactive and take preventative measures as best we can. Watching so many of my friends and family pass away from this horrible disease isn’t something I want to continue to see. We need to find a cure and stop cancer dead in its track. So this month may we remember those we have lost to breast cancer. Come join the fight!!

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2 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

  1. Hi. I am for 1 So Thankful for you going for Mamagram . Please keep up with them. U mean so much to many of us. Cancer is so painful to those who have it n to the families N friethem to them. As you know we lost Family with Cancer, but all the friends to. May they all RIP ♠♠♠♠💒🙏🙏🙏🙏🌹💜💕😑😢😢😢So to you n those with Cancer, please take care of yourselves. We Love you.. Fight the fight your not alone, We all fight with you. Power of Prayers, Always remember, Praying for you…


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