Difficulty Blogging

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When I started my blog about a month ago I don’t think I realized how difficult it can really be. I had no idea about the ins and outs of how it worked, I just figured that if I started writing it would all flow together just like my book I am writing.

I should have done a little bit more research on how to make a blog work and keep it going. I am apart of many different author’s pages on facebook so I have certainly learned a lot but I should have done that first. I did it all backwards lol.

I love writing which is why I have my blog, my fb page, and my book but is it all a little too much for what I am trying to accomplish? Maybe I need to take the most important thing that matters and run with that. I see so many awesome blogs that are set up so nicely and enjoy reading them. My purpose was not to make money but rather further my writing skills and see what others thought about it.

How many of you have done the same? Not regretting anything but wishing you had known how to do it the right way. I am by no means giving up but rather sit back and take my time with this instead of trying to cram everything into one day or even 2 days. My book is paramount to me and my hope is to improve the way I write.

My inspiration comes from my family who has always given me their support and I think by continuing to read others blogs and my devotion to writing I do believe it will all turn out ok. So thank you to those who have been a great support system and to those who give me great feedback. Don’t ever give up on your dreams or your hope, just take a step back when you get frustrated or you simply don’t know what your doing just do a little research it will all come to you.

2 thoughts on “Difficulty Blogging”

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