My Daughters Journey “Part 1”

I decided to blog about my journey with my daughter Hope. She is the youngest of her two other sisters. I have thought about writing a book to help others more aware of the type of disability she has. It is so much more complicated than people could imagine. I will go through some of the family histories that may have led to her diagnosis. I will also walk you through my pregnancy differences as well. In writing this blog, I hope that I can be able to help others know you are are not alone in your journey. Reach out to the community and other parents who are dealing with the similar or even different issue because each case isn’t the same.

I remember when I was about 15 I was sitting on my bed doing some writing and had this overwhelming feeling of having children and that I would have three girls. Of course, I laughed that off I was only 15, but I did keep it in the back of my mind for the next five years. I won’t give my entire life story  I will save that for another blog. I was married at 20 and pregnant with my first child at 21. We were both very excited and thrilled to be having a baby, but it didn’t come with a lot of worries.

At 24 weeks I went into preterm labor, they had to send me a hospital an hour and a half away because the local hospital was not equipped to handle this kind of situation. They were going to fly me, but the helicopter was not available at the time, so we went by ambulance instead.  During that time I had many injections of what I am not sure I assume it had to do with speeding up the organ functions so my daughter would have a fighting chance in case she did come at that time. We arrived at the hospital in about 30 minutes. Thankfully they were able to give me medication to stop the labor and had to be on it for the remainder of my pregnancy. At that time is when I found out that I had a bicornuate uterus. I do have some information on that in one my last blogs but for those who don’t know it’s a heart-shaped uterus which in turn gives the baby less room to grow and can cause miscarriage and preterm labor or birth.

I was able to get through my pregnancy all the way to the due date. Although my baby girl came early, we were extremely excited that on February 29th, 2000 and was very healthy. We named her Angel. My husband and I watched her very closely during the first few years of her life hoping no side effects from the medications that I took during my pregnancy. Fortunately, my daughter was ok and graduated last year with high honors. There is a reason I am going through each of my girl’s pregnancies. I will also go through some family history as well because it is of vital importance to know this information.

About a year and a half later we were pregnant again. Excitement quickly became fear as  I was worried the same thing would happen again with this pregnancy. My grandfather had just passed away, and I had been pretty distraught. A few days later I started to bleed, which landed me in the hospital only to find out my little angel was gone. Of course, another heartbreak but the doctor said there wasn’t anything I could have done. He said we could try again as soon as possible. We were pregnant a few weeks later, but unfortunately, that ended in disappointment. At the time it seemed rational for us to try again, but the reality of it was it too soon for all this. The heartbreak was beginning to take a toll on us.

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2 thoughts on “My Daughters Journey “Part 1””

  1. Wow! Sometimes I wonder how other moms cope with so many children. I have two myself and each story had its own drama. I dunno if I can have another one, especially with my age and my back problem. For now, I am just thankful that I have my two daughters.


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