Supporting Beginner Writers

I think it’s fitting that I start my first blog this way. Its been about a month since I last bogged. I took some time off to focus on my new author’s page and my support group on facebook.

I will be writing a least once a week to give some writing tips on the “how to’s”. I have learned so much in this past month on the different writing techniques stemming from paragraph structure, choosing your POV, and showing not telling. Sharing what I learn with everyone helps others who are just starting out or just need someone to get them through this writing journey.

I have taken so far 3 online writing courses while some were free, I paid very little for the other ones but yet they gave me a sense of relief knowing I wasn’t the only one who has struggled with my writing. Everyone may have a different strategy or different groove when it comes to writing, it’s up to you as an individual to find your niche or what works for you.

Wanting to write a book, a short story or poems is a process and shouldn’t be rushed. We can have all the talent in the world but remember we had to learn how to ride a bike it didn’t just happen. Somedays you may feel like giving up because you think your work is crap, well that’s a good thing if you recognize that you could have done better. I have scrapped tons of my work but I learned I need to be patient and have discipline.

I am a learning coach for my daughter and I love helping others so if I can offer any help then I will do that. I started to do some alpha reading for some just because it’s good to have someone you can trust to encourage you through this process. I give my honest opinion on what I think but I don’t put in negativity that doesn’t help the author or the reader. You can give critique without putting someone else’s work down. We put hard work into what we write so it’s good to hear what needs to be fixed and how we could fix it.

Thank you to those that have been supportive of me and my journey. Please visit our facebook group, we have a lot of wonderful minds and are all there to help no matter what you need or how advanced you are, support is key in helping with the writing journey.

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