Criticism Vs Critique

Have you ever wondered whether you are asking for the right feedback? Let’s look at what each of these words means.

Criticism: An expression of disapproval of someone or something. The analysis and judgment of literary work.

Critique: A detailed assessment of something, especially in literary or political theory.

When I am ready to share my work with others I usually ask someone to give me a critique on it, meaning I would like to know why you do or don’t like what I have written. Some may ask for “constructive” criticism. However usually what happens is this can become more negative or misinterpreted.

  • Criticism can find fault
  • Critique looks for structure in the material
  • Criticism looks for what may be lacking
  • Critique finds what works
  • Criticism faults what it doesn’t understand
  • Critique asks questions
  • Criticism looks for flaws in the writer along with the writings
  • Critique addresses what is only on that page.

Here are a few differences in each:

Sometimes it’s hard hearing that your work might not be as good as you thought. Let me be the first to tell you it is well worth listening to someone else’s perspective on things. Everyone makes mistakes and the only way to grow or get better is to learn from those mistakes. When asked to read over someone else’s work I always let them know of things I find intriguing first, then I give advice on what I believe could be changed/fixed. Keep in mind it is your story, you have the option to listen or move on.

It can be tough on our emotions when we hear something that isn’t positive about your work, especially after you spent hours upon hours writing. Don’t be discouraged! Keep writing.

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