My Daughters Journey “Part 1”

I decided to blog about my journey with my daughter Hope. She is the youngest of her two other sisters. I have thought about writing a book to help others more aware of the type of disability she has. It is so much more complicated than people could imagine. I will go through some of the family histories that may have led to her diagnosis. I will also walk you through my pregnancy differences as well. In writing this blog, I hope that I can be able to help others know you are are not alone in your journey. Reach out to the community and other parents who are dealing with the similar or even different issue because each case isn’t the same.

I remember when I was about 15 I was sitting on my bed doing some writing and had this overwhelming feeling of having children and that I would have three girls. Of course, I laughed that off I was only 15, but I did keep it in the back of my mind for the next five years. I won’t give my entire life story  I will save that for another blog. I was married at 20 and pregnant with my first child at 21. We were both very excited and thrilled to be having a baby, but it didn’t come with a lot of worries.

At 24 weeks I went into preterm labor, they had to send me a hospital an hour and a half away because the local hospital was not equipped to handle this kind of situation. They were going to fly me, but the helicopter was not available at the time, so we went by ambulance instead.  During that time I had many injections of what I am not sure I assume it had to do with speeding up the organ functions so my daughter would have a fighting chance in case she did come at that time. We arrived at the hospital in about 30 minutes. Thankfully they were able to give me medication to stop the labor and had to be on it for the remainder of my pregnancy. At that time is when I found out that I had a bicornuate uterus. I do have some information on that in one my last blogs but for those who don’t know it’s a heart-shaped uterus which in turn gives the baby less room to grow and can cause miscarriage and preterm labor or birth.

I was able to get through my pregnancy all the way to the due date. Although my baby girl came early, we were extremely excited that on February 29th, 2000 and was very healthy. We named her Angel. My husband and I watched her very closely during the first few years of her life hoping no side effects from the medications that I took during my pregnancy. Fortunately, my daughter was ok and graduated last year with high honors. There is a reason I am going through each of my girl’s pregnancies. I will also go through some family history as well because it is of vital importance to know this information.

About a year and a half later we were pregnant again. Excitement quickly became fear as  I was worried the same thing would happen again with this pregnancy. My grandfather had just passed away, and I had been pretty distraught. A few days later I started to bleed, which landed me in the hospital only to find out my little angel was gone. Of course, another heartbreak but the doctor said there wasn’t anything I could have done. He said we could try again as soon as possible. We were pregnant a few weeks later, but unfortunately, that ended in disappointment. At the time it seemed rational for us to try again, but the reality of it was it too soon for all this. The heartbreak was beginning to take a toll on us.

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Life Happens

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I just wanted to let all my followers know I am still here but taking a little time to do that thing called life lol. I have decided to drop back a bit on how much I blog to once a week. Writing is definitely my passion and will continue to do so but keeping up with my facebook page and writing my book it’s a bit much. I am also raising my special needs child and homeschool her for the early part of my day. I enjoy reading everyone’s blog it gives me a better idea on what I could do to improve my blog.

I am going to continue to support my fellow bloggers as I know how difficult it can be to keep up and think of new and different ideas on a topic. If I can help otherwise, please let me know. I am soon going to put a blog about myself and my family. The struggles of raising a special needs child and the absolute joys as well.  I will also share some of my personal struggles along with overcoming my past.

Again please continue to like and follow my blog. I will preferably blog on a Monday or Friday

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Difficulty Blogging

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When I started my blog about a month ago I don’t think I realized how difficult it can really be. I had no idea about the ins and outs of how it worked, I just figured that if I started writing it would all flow together just like my book I am writing.

I should have done a little bit more research on how to make a blog work and keep it going. I am apart of many different author’s pages on facebook so I have certainly learned a lot but I should have done that first. I did it all backwards lol.

I love writing which is why I have my blog, my fb page, and my book but is it all a little too much for what I am trying to accomplish? Maybe I need to take the most important thing that matters and run with that. I see so many awesome blogs that are set up so nicely and enjoy reading them. My purpose was not to make money but rather further my writing skills and see what others thought about it.

How many of you have done the same? Not regretting anything but wishing you had known how to do it the right way. I am by no means giving up but rather sit back and take my time with this instead of trying to cram everything into one day or even 2 days. My book is paramount to me and my hope is to improve the way I write.

My inspiration comes from my family who has always given me their support and I think by continuing to read others blogs and my devotion to writing I do believe it will all turn out ok. So thank you to those who have been a great support system and to those who give me great feedback. Don’t ever give up on your dreams or your hope, just take a step back when you get frustrated or you simply don’t know what your doing just do a little research it will all come to you.

Broken Politics

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I hesitated to pick this topic but I felt the need to look at things from a different perspective. Am I affiliated with a particular party? Can I be impartial with how I look at things? Yes to both questions. I have seen so many families being ripped apart because of how strong they feel about politics.

So what makes us so passionate one way or another. Say you are republican, you want a republican president and congress. The same would be said if you are a democrat you would want a democratic president. If you are an independent you vote for whom you feel would be best for your beliefs.

Why do we vote? Do we do it because our affiliation or do we do it for what we may stand for at the time? I have always voted for my party but I have not always agreed with what they are saying or doing. I must say though I have never been disrespectful to any president or congress member because I disagree. We have a democracy and a republic in this country. We vote for whom we feel best. We also have a right to voice our disappointment and disgusted.

Our country seems to be so divided and it’s all based on our opinions and beliefs. Does that seem right to think that one point of view is better than another? I honestly would say no. I have strong views on certain issues but I am willing to hear another point of view even if it means taking a look at why I believe what I do in the first place. There is nothing wrong with believing and having strong convictions but when it starts tearing each other apart and we are losing relationships then we need to start looking at ourselves.

We control how we behave towards others and we also control how we react to different points of view. If you let someone else dictate your life maybe it is time for reevalutation. You have no control over what others say and do but we do control us. My hope and belief are that we stop dividing families and each other over something we may or may not have control over.

Just imagine what this world would look like if we acted and thought all the same. I actually don’t want to picture another me lol we probably would not get along very well. As I tell my kids, think before you speak and think before you act because you are displaying your portrait for everyone to see. As grown ups we are the example for the next generation so be careful what you wish and ask for.


Who Says Blogging Is Easy?

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It has been a very difficult ride trying to figure out this thing called Blogging. I have had such good advice on how to tweak my blogs but for some reason, it hasn’t worked really well. I may just start a whole new program somewhere else but haven’t really made up my mind yet. I feel I have had pretty good topics that are near and dear to my heart but I guess there are so many other things involved as well. Writing is something that I absolutely love which is why I have my fb page and my blog along with writing a book. My advice to others is to never give up and yet I struggle with it myself. I have read so many great blogs that are just amazing and maybe I will get there someday as well. Has anyone else had the problem of feeling like your material just isn’t good enough? Or maybe even felt like just giving up and sticking to what you do best? Well for me I have no desire to quit because it’s so much easier to do that rather than put forth an effort to keep going no matter what lies ahead. Do more research which is what I plan to do more often. I believe people walk into blogging or writing a book thinking “well I love to write so this should be a piece of cake” not exactly the case. I give a lot of respect to all authors because I didn’t realize how challenging this process would be also how time-consuming this can be as well. My life is pretty busy but yet I want it all. Well you have to put a little hard work into something you really want. For the past few days I have been working on how to fit an image on mobile and desktop to look the same but it appears I need to continue working a little harder or do more research. I do want to thank all of you who stop by just to take a look even if it doesn’t pretain to you. I will keep pushing forward and I will eventually get it.

“Chapter 4 prelude”

She just wanted the simple life, no head games and no more people controlling her life. Julie sat down on the sofa gazing at the fog that had come over the mountains. Something caught her eye, though she wasn’t sure what she saw, it frightened her so bad she ran upstairs slamming the door to her room. Julie peaked out her window when she noticed a slim figure was standing behind one of the pine trees. Oh my god, someone is watching me! With her heart filled with terror, she froze not knowing what to do. Her phone was downstairs on the kitchen counter. Loud sounds started echoing from the stairway getting closer with each second.

Give Yourself a Break

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What is this you say? Give yourself a break? I guess I should take my own advice on this one. Our lives get so full that we really forget about the things that matter the most. I love writing, it gives me a sense of escape from all the world has to throw at me. I am sure so many of you have busy lives and don’t know which way to turn sometimes. My household consists of my 3 girls, my hubby, 2 dogs, and a cat. I stay at home to be a learning coach for my youngest as she does online school. She also has a disability so I make due with what I have. I don’t know about any of you but I get so overwhelmed and feel like my head is going to pop off sometimes. How do we take time for ourselves when the time isn’t on our side or so it seems? I am slowly learning that what I am doing just isn’t working so I need to figure something else out. I am thinking maybe writing out a schedule but then I think schedules tend to change. I do believe taking time for yourself is imperative, you can get so hung up on things you may get depressed which can be a serious situation as well. Life is way to short to be constantly wishing for time instead of giving yourself time. In today’s world, communication doesn’t seem to be as important the way it used to be. No one calls anyone anymore so instead, we give a text message. Sometimes we need to stop what we are doing and look around us just to see what we are actually missing. Take a walk if you need to, sit outside and have a cup of coffee. Do whatever makes you happy even if it’s just for a few minutes. We all need a little rejuvenating sometimes. Ask friends or family to dog sit/babysit for you while you take a little time for yourself. Look at it like a job you work 8 hours a day usually, they give lunch and 2 breaks. Let yourself be free for a while and spend more time on you!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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As someone who has seen what cancer can do, I advocate for all cancer survivors but this one really hits home for me. I have already written about my extremely scary situation with having numerous surgeries in order to help prevent breast cancer. After a breast cancer scare last year I have made it a point to make sure I go to my doctor as scheduled which for me is quite often. When I found my first lump almost 2 years ago I just brushed it off. I googled it almost every day just to see if what I was feeling was just a lump and not really cancer. My family doctor and my husband both encouraged me to go get a mammogram even if it wasn’t cancer at least I would have peace of mind. I was so scared. There were a few of my family members that had breast cancer and knew they had at least one of their breast removed but unfortunately I didn’t realize the real extent of my family history. I finally got the courage to get my mammogram, it wasn’t painful like I thought it would be and it was pretty quick. After getting the results to my test they felt I need further testing. They sent me to have a biopsy, an ultrasound, and an MRI. They also had me do a genetic test to see if I had the BRCA gene along with many other cancer tests being that family history was so high. My chances are much greater than the average population but I will continue to be aware of what’s going on with my body and do everything I can to prevent this from ever happening. Through this past year, I have learned a lot about myself and others. The thought of having cancer of any kind at any point in one’s life is terrifying. I would say we need to be proactive and take preventative measures as best we can. Watching so many of my friends and family pass away from this horrible disease isn’t something I want to continue to see. We need to find a cure and stop cancer dead in its track. So this month may we remember those we have lost to breast cancer. Come join the fight!!

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A “Sneak Peak 2” Chapter 1

As they continued to talk and have their dinner Julie noticed a man sitting at the on the other side of the diner and she really couldn’t see who it was but from a distant, it looked like James and he was with someone.  

“Wendy, look I think James is here!”


“ Wait, what?” James from school she blurted out loudly.


“ Shhhh don’t bring attention to our table. I ran into him today at the market!”


“Oh, and how did that go?”


“I think James is still harboring old feelings because I chose to be with Bill instead.”


“And are you regretting that decision?”, Wendy snickered.


“Actually I haven’t forgotten James. He was one of my best friends and lovers but somehow Bill came in and swept me off my feet and I never looked back. If I could go back and change things…well I guess we won’t ever really know that out because I am married and as it appears James is also taken so spending another minute wishing isn’t going to do me any good.”


Sadness came across her face and she decided it was time to call it a night.