A “Sneak Peak” Chapter 1

She sat down on her bed feeling really sorry for herself not knowing from one day to the next whether things would really work itself out or if it was going to just come crumbling down all at once.  Looking out the back patio all Julie could see was the beautiful leaves that started falling off the trees, her favorite time of year. There was a little bit of time before she needed to get ready for dinner so she decided to take a walk. She needed to clear her mind because there was so much going through it. How could this marriage have fallen apart so quickly?e started out being the best husband anyone could ask for but when he got his promotion it’s like his desire turned directly to work and our lives started becoming less involved.  Before they moved in together she didn’t have much of anything, other than her clothes and some money she had saved from a previous job. She had never been on her own so she had certainly dreamed of being independent and not always relying on someone else to take care of her. Bill didn’t want her working or really doing much of anything except doing wifely duties such as cleaning the house, going for groceries, cooking dinner every night and paying some of the bills. Bill only allowed me to see the household bills because he had his own expenses that didn’t entail me getting involved so I just stay out of it.  I really need to search myself and really decide what’s best for me because I feel at my wit’s end. After a nice walk, she returned home and hopped in the shower and grabbed one of her nice cocktail dresses. She put on some heels and a touch of perfume. Julie had autumn colored hair that flowed down to her waistline and had a slim figure. She swiped her keys and headed to the car like a girl on a mission.

Mental Illness

I thought I would make a special blog tonight about mental illness. It is such a big deal in today’s society. I believe it can be so misunderstood and misused. I have many friends and family who have a mental illness. There are millions of people who have a mental illness but what is it? Does it mean you are sick? Is it a death sentence? Mental illness isn’t something you can catch from someone, and it doesn’t mean your life is ruined. A few examples of mental illness, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, and so many more. I see people become afraid of those who have a disorder because they feel something is really wrong with them. I think a lot more research needs to be put into figuring out just how to handle those with a mental disorder. I have seen judgement being passed around to so many but on the other hand, I see it being used as a weapon to get themselves out of trouble and it should not be done in either way. I have a daughter with MID and she has been ridiculed, made fun of and humiliated. That is the reason I homeschool her because she knows her environment is safe at home and doesn’t have to worry who is staring at her or making her feeling uncomfortable. I am her advocate and her biggest supporter. Schools need to take a long look at why kids are being bullied and why kids are dropping out of school. Could it be that kids are intimidated by the curriculum that is being put forth, I believe it’s called common core. Could it be they are feeling anxious about the school setting and don’t know how to handle themselves so maybe they act out by yelling or maybe they scream and cry? I am not just saying it’s our schools, it could be the grocery store or maybe it’s a job interview. We need to get to know one another, instead of making a judgment call about that person, get to know them first. Again, on the other hand, I have seen someone that has had a mental illness use that as a reason they broke the law. I am sorry but if you feel you have a problem you need to seek help. We still have a control of our lives don’t allow a title make you feel inferior or entitled. There is help out there but we still need to get educated on how to treat those with a mental illness.

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